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Ghar Dalam 5200 BC                             Capital City of Valletta  Today



A decade ago, I had my first opportunity to visit this unique part of the world and soon there opened a vast area of hidden riches that was most remarkable.  Located in the middle  of the Mediterranean, approximately 50 miles south of Sicily and 130 miles north of Tunisia, North Africa, this 9X12 mile Island Country has a history that surpasses countries worldwide. There is so much to share from my annual visits over the past decade, that  it would require a Website of its own and then only scratch the surface on my personal experiences  I will publish topics on a periodic basis which will include: Topography, Temples, Knights of Malta, Maritime Industry, Health Industry, Tourism Industry, Architecture, Festivals, Maltese History, Maltese Cuisine, Maltese Friends,  Churches, Harbors, Art, Culture....and more.


Where in the World is Malta?

Lying 90 Km to the South of Sicily and 290 Km to the North of the African mainland,

the Maltese Islands occupy a position in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. 


Maltese Experience

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