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Friends to me are those persons who most often come into one's life least expectedly and remain special forever.  My life has been blessed with a number of  such individuals with whom I have developed a connection that has persisted for years, often in the absence of regular  communication. In other words, we can pick up our relationship as if no appreciable time has elapsed.

New Orleans Beginning

In 1979 I arrived in New Orleans fresh from a stint in the desolate farm land of Iowa City, Iowa . There for 4 years I was a  faculty member of the Department of Ophthalmology, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa which was ( and remains)  one of  the premier Academic Ophthalmic Institutions in the  world.  The following will be a progressive pictorial  history of some of  my dearest friends that I have made since my arrival.


Andrea Apuzzo

Maurizo DeBenedetti

Fausto Dipietro

Tom Doyle - Infinity

Don Fox

Mike Nicholl

David Oreck

TG Solomon

Robert Winston





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