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                                               Villa Ficus

Since first meeting Tom and Ann Fenech over 10 years ago, we have  developed              a close friendship.  If ever a family breathes the very essence of love, sharing,           trust, motivation and hard work, it is these dear friends.  Tom is in my estimation          one of the top physicians in Malta as well as Chief of Ophthalmology of the            University of Malta and his wife Ann, one of Malta's top Marine lawyers   ( Fenech & Fenech (Advocates) Website), in addition  to  being a fabulous cook. Together               they are an awesome team in rearing their two talented and down to earth children.












Tom and Ann Fenech at the gate to their beautiful home.



And speaking of tastes, the back terrace is where we enjoy one of Ann's many          culinary creations (they are to die for).












Back terrace and pool from the garden area.


Tom, Ann, Kathleen, Tom, me, Matthew and little Tom.












The physician and the patriarch, Professor Fredrick Fenech.

Mary Rose Fenech, Patricia Barry, M.D., Professor Frederick Fenech, M.D.,           Kathleen and Ann. Professor and Mrs. Fenech are Tom's parents and two of the            most well  traveled and interesting people one could meet.  Professor Fenech        recently retired from his position as Dean of the University of Malta Medical            School but remains Chief of the Department of Medicine.  In addition, he is a               United Nations representative of Malta and a Consultant for International initiatives.       He is a pioneer in the establishment of the University of Kuwait Medical School            and gives Board exams for the Royal College of Surgeons throughout Europe                 and the Middle East.  Dr. Barry is Executive Director of the  Merck Institute of             Aging and Health in Washington, D.C., USA.

Home of Professor and Mrs. Fredrick Fenech.

St. Julian area with street leading to Professor Fenech's home.

Elda and Alfred Bonnici, M.D. are Ann's parents.  These are two of the most         congenial and fun-loving people that one could ever want to know.  Elda is a                   master chef and story teller par excellence.  Dr. Bonnici, former Speaker of                    the House and most respected Physician is also a story teller and  a noted expert             on Maltese history.  They are two of the most traveled people one can                    imagine.  Dr. Bonnici is on the International Aviation Board which takes him to              all corners of the world in setting up FAA regulations.


Joining Dr. and Mrs. Bonnici are their close friends Winnie and John Calleja                   who is the Managing Director of Calmarine Services Ltd.  If ever in Malta follow           this group to find the best prepared to stay out late.






As "Chairman of the Board", he requested computer instruction.











While enjoying one of Alfred's fine cigars, one can be mistaken for many things.


....and next, what Tom ,the family and we do after work.













































Thomas has had a passion for the sea (as most Maltese) since a child.  His exploits            of seamanship are heralded throughout the Island.  Over the past years, we have            had the  good fortune to spend many hours with him and his family exploring  the     islands, many bays and coves on his Princess 38.












Join Tom and myself for a cruse around the Island.













Once leaving the dock our trip takes us by the neighboring village, then into the           bay, past the gasoline barges, Capital City of Valletta, walled bastions (with turret       tower from WWII) then into the open vastness of the Mediterranean Sea.


Next, Captain Tom, First-mate Matthew, Second-mate Tommy, Chef and Cruise Director Ann, will take us all on a beautiful trip around the Island and to its many points of interest.



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