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Welcome to my Web site!

For three decades I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with outstanding  medical professionals, travel the world and forge lasting friendships.  Computers now allow us to instantly and intimately connect with friends and family in a most convenient way.  Through this miracle of communication, I hope to initiate an active, ongoing dialog with the many young physicians, staff, and friends that have touched my life.

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Family - Helen, Jim, Jay, Andrew, Jennifer, Rob, Brenna  and Kathleen

Friends -  Home and abroad

Malta - My 2nd home & for clips from tri-yearly visits to my new home in Malta -Casa Katrina...try video conferencing below at +7hrs

New Orleans -  Always exciting events about my adventures and life predictions posted. You can also get an opportunity to predict your future. Just get your tarot reading here, as I found some favorable results.                                     

Memory Lane - Shared photos from viewers

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Current Events  - Vitreous Society, Mardi Gras, European visitors and more

Travel Channel -Exciting places .. a visual learning experience of my favorite places visited.

Tulane- Staff, Hospital and Medical School

VRS Fellows - Update locations, addresses, family and more.

Video Clips - Load greater than 5 mb of interest

Comments - your chance to speak on anything

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 Elton John Concert           Casa Katrina

 Hypogeum 3600 BC           Life in Malta


Dr. Fenech & myself          Greece

Croatia past-Present        Guess Who?    



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