Mardi Gras 2002

 The weather was perfect, the town was rocking, the food was too much and the festivities fantastic.  While after a few years  I I went the way of the  slopes after so many Mardi Gras, I have rediscovered that the real action is right here in the Big Easy as attested by the thousands of returnees.








  Endymion reigns as the biggest bash, grandest parade and most fun.

  Lucky me. Although you would never know it from my expression.







My close friend & wife Jan not only keep your rugs clean but fill the friendly skies with his collection of antique planes.








 Simon & Linda cut a fine rug as well as serve the finest Moroccan - Kosher food in their  Casablanca Restaurant

Nothing like having Jay ( athelitic "everything" instructor) to show how its done with beautiful Trish from Austin,TX.











Doug, Camino, Kathleen & myself.......notice all I got was the bill

Steve rode in my place & picked up the prize.  Check his corporate web site and check for his TMC ocular surgery last week.