New Years  Eve 2002

                                HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE BIG EASY

New Year's Eve is a special time in our city when we go from place to place to see and appreciate our many friends.  Join me on a brief tour of part of our journey on this New Year.











And a happiest and healthy New Year of all.........

The Hotel Fairmont with beautiful decorations throughout its lobby and adjoining rooms.








Chef Andrea Apuzzo's bash with dearest friends Otto Candies and Linda.

Chiefs Bingo Starr and Jay Diamond at the New Orleans Restaurant......Cuvee!!!!!

Fausto's Bistro with friends (Lt-Rt) Fausto (owner), Mehila, Roland(owner), Kathleen, Vic (Fausto's son), Dawn, and friend with Beth.

The Gorgeous French styled Pavillon Hotel.


Till our next New Years Eve.