Carnival Conquest 


Homeport for Biggest Ship afloat

Carnival's Conquest

The Big Easy is now becoming even bigger with the 2,974 passenger  110,000-ton Conquest Class sailing weekly from its Julia Street Warf residence.  It has an unprecedented 22 Lounges, nightspots & bars, four restaurants, casino, on board golf program, ice skating rink, 200ft. plus water slide and swimming pool,15,000 sq. foot exercise and Spa facility and much more.

Kathleen and myself had the opportunity to spend 24hrs. aboard for a New Orleans style party on the eve of its maiden voyage and the following pictorial is but a glimpse of this fabulous ship that has just arrived from its birth in  Monfalcone, Italy.  Now come to New Orleans the home of the largest Convention    Center, first place New Orleans Saints football team, first place national basketball  team   New Orleans Hornets, the best entertainment and food around and experience the wonders of the CONQUEST.







































































































Place your mouse over the black slide to hear the background music.









































Fitness guru of the stars  'Mackie Shilstone' giving eating instructions to Kathleen.                                                              Checkout  this world authority on health at  <Welcome to>.
















From our front row center seats the show comes to an end and now off to the "disco".