Canyon Ranch

Tucson, Arizona

Canyon Ranch

New York









             Clubhouse & Dining Room                      Arabian Horse Farm











Larry Ettinger has been my friend for over a decade and always goes the extra mile for us.




























Ed has run the Biking Program since I first came to the Ranch over a decade ago.  Craig  has continued  to eat for the  same length of time.  John has stopped eating altogether.





Craig Daste generally likes to stop for a little snack before returning to the Ranch after a long day's ride.
























































The Summit




















The three of us have logged more bike and climbing miles than a Billy goat.

I hope we all can return forever.


Pool Time













Dale portions the beverage under Craig's direction.                                  Private reading time








               Beautiful tennis courts                                   Reigning Tennis Champion - Dale Jones













Don't let them fool you, one broken ankle, one torn knee cartilage, many sprained fingers.

Walking or Running  (2, 4, 8 mile )















There is only one Ronnie.








Superb dining facilities and 5 Star Top Spa Chef in USA 2001

Outside Margarita experience (mid week)  and Tony Roma's.     John never could get enough.









 Kevin  -  Therapist                     Men's wet area                            Relaxing


(till 5:30 AM that is)




  for updated pictures of rooms etc.


more to come

New Aqua Center, Revolutionary state of the Art Golf School, Golf on Tucson's finest, Martial Arts....

(couple of spots left for this year August 23-30)

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