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While it has been a number of years since some of us have been in contact, it is hopeful this section will make up for lost  time by updating the old guard and acquainting ourselves with the new.  Please send updated pictures and information to be added to your site.                

   NOTICE - Incomplete or inaccurate Information will be corrected with notification  


Tulane Vitreo-Retinal Fellowship

James G. Diamond, M.D.

1979  - Present


2003-2005          MD - University of Zagreb Croatia;   2 yr. Internship - Hospital "Jordanovac", University of Zagreb, Croatia;   2 yr. Research Associate, Neurobiotechnology Center, Ohio State University, Columbus. OH; Medical Internship - Ohio State University Hospitals, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH ; 2 yr. Pre-Residency Fellowship in Oculoplastics and Neuro-Ophthalmology, William H. Havner Eye Center, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio;  Ophthalmology Residency - William H. Havner Eye Center, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH . Completed Fellowship & now at Mass.eye and Ear for Uveitis Fellowship under Dr. Forester . Wife Eleonora and son Nicholas.

       Dino Daniel Klisovic, M.D.


2003-2005         BA Biology University of Pennsylvania , Philadelphia,.Pa,; - MD - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C.;  Medical Internship - Cabrini Medical Center, NYC, NY;  Ophthalmology Residency - NYU/Manhattan EENT. Completed Fellowship and Uveitis  Fellowship at NIH under Dr. Nussenbhlatt.


           David B. Greenman, M.D.


2002 - 2004                          PhD Visual Science 1994 and Research Instructor at University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL  1994 - 1998,  Ophthalmology residency at  University of Texas  Southwestern, Dallas, TX.





David H. Ren, M.D., PhD


2002 - 2004      Ophthalmology residency at University of Manila. Philippines.  Dr. Santos has been awarded the first Alcon Vitreo-Retinal  Fellowship under my preceptor ship,




 Edwin Michael Santos, M.D.


2001 - 2003    Ophthalmology residency at The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio.  Plans to practice in Savannah, Georgia with his father and brothers.                                                              



   Ronald  M. Dandy, M.D.


    2001 - 2003      Ophthalmology  residency at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.






       Paul J. Lee , M.D.      


 2000 - 2002        Ophthalmology residency at Texas Tech University, Lubbock,Texas.   Plans practice in Santa Maria, California.





Daniel  P. Shepard, M.D.


2000 - 2002      Ophthalmology residency at Universite  Laval and now Assistant Professor at University of  Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

UPDATE:  Broken thumb during Tae Kwondo, 3/2002...wishing   speedy recovery.



               Alain D. Gregoire                                     



  1999 -2001     MIA      Private Practice in Wichita, Kansas





             Kumar P. Dalla                          

1998 - 2000         Ophthalmology residency at Tulane University, New Orleans, LA. with Private Practice in San Juan, Puerto Rico.





     Noel S. Deleon, M.D.


1997 - 1999         Ophthalmology residency at University of Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri; now Assistant Professor and Associate on the Vitreo-Retinal Service of  the Department of Ophthalmology, Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA.




    Douglas B. Babel, O.D., M.D.


1996 - 1998      Ophthalmology  residency at  State University of New York, New York City, New York  and now  in Private Practice in Palm Springs, California.





            Steven Lin, M.D.


1995 - 1997     Ophthalmology residency  at Jefferson Medical  School, Philadelphia, PA and now in Private Practice in Virginia Beach,  VA.




               Jon Adleberg, M.D.               


1994-1996             Part-time academic position at Hahneman  University, Philadelphia, PA with Private Practice in Wilmington, DE.






            Leo Santamarina, M.D.            


  1993 - 1995     Ophthalmology  residency at McGill University, Montreal, Canada; faculty at the University of Nova-Scotia with in private practice in Halifax  Nova-Scotia Canada.              





             Arif Samad, M.D.


 1992 - 1994  MIA  in Bahrain




   Nitual S.Bhatt, M.D.             


1992 - 1994     MIA  Gessinger Medical Center,  Danville, Pennsylvania






       Steven J. Marks, M.D.            

1991 -1992     Ophthalmology residency at King's College Hospital London, England. Now is Chief  of Ophthalmology , St. Luke's Hospital and University of Malta School of Medicine, Malta.  See Malta extension for a introduction to his unique, fascinating and beautiful country.




          T homas Fenech, M.D.


1991 -1993      Ophthalmology residency at Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit. Michigan with private practice in Grosse Point ,Michigan.





  Thomas P. Hessburg, M.D.             


1990 - 1992       Ophthalmology residency at Tulane University with private practice in Austin, Tx ; www.premiereye.com






            B, David Brent , M.D.         


1989 - 1991 


            Dana M. Deupree, M.D



1988 - 1990             After practice for several years in Houston, TX, he now is part of a large Retina group based in Atlanta, Georgia.






          Jay B. Stallman, M.D.


1987 - 1989     Ophthalmology residency at Tulane University, New Orleans, LA with a practice in Metairie, LA.





            John B, Saer, M.D.


1987 - 1988       Ophthalmology residency at Tulane  University, New Orleans, LA ,with a private practice in Mobile, AL






           Charles Salisbury, M.D.


1986 -1988     Ophthalmology residency at University of    Kansas, Kansas City, Kansas; Assistant Professor  to Associate Professor at Tulane Medical School as faculty on VRS  from 1988-2000; .Private practice in Edmond , OK

        Donald P. Maxwell, M.D.


1985 -1987    Ophthalmology residency at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill,  North Carolina with Private practice in  Shreveport, LA





         Charles E. Lyon, M.D.

1984 - 1986     Ophthalmology residency at Tulane  University ,  New Orleans, LA, with academic and private practice  in Pittsburg, PA






       Robert M. Lewen, M.D.


1983 -1985     MIA







              Craig M. Mason, M.


1982 - 1983         University of Puerto Rico, Ponce  academics with private practice.






       Edgardo J. Ortiz, M.D.

 1980 - 1981                          MIA in California and the first full  time associate .










             Paul M. Bonds, M.D.


1979 - 1980     Ophthalmology residency at University of  Iowa with position as Assistant Professor  and head of the Retinal  service at  the University of Florida, Gainesville, Fl. Subsequently went into private practice.



   Robert  D. Stratton, M.D. 



University of Iowa Vitreo-Retinal Service

Dr, Robert Watzke, M.D.

Dr. Thomas  Burton, M.D.

James G. Diamond, M.D.

1976 -1979



 1979 -1980    MIA in Louisville, KY      






                 Norman Radtke, M.D.                    


1979- 1980     MIA in State of Washington







             Richard Munsen, M.D.                   


1978 - 1979

Retired in Aspen, Colorado





Jerald Bovino, M.D.     


1978 - 1979                MIA in Miami






              Victor Zion, M.D.   


 1977 - 1978 

Pvt. Practice, Pittsburg, PA


              Louis Lobes, M.D.   


1977 - 1978         Ophthalmology residency at University of Iowa,  Iowa, City, Iowa. with private. practice, Brownsville, TX






        Rodolfo Perez, M.D.



1976 - 1977        Ophthalmology residency Tulane University New  Orleans, LA  and private practice in New Orleans, LA







      William Rachal , M.D.         


1976 - 1977             Ophthalmology residency University of Iowa,  Professor  & Chairman Dept. Ophthalmology, Iowa City, Iowa










T homas  Weingeist, M.D. PhD  


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