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The following pictures are remembrances of the perilous times when I was young.  Recent events show that history  continues to repeat itself, but the human spirit remains strong.  My father was in the Navy for 7 years spending four on the USS Arizona. The world at that time was more innocent and much more was truly the finest generation of Americans.  We can only hope to aspire to achieve a small part of their  strength and dedication..


Dad's Family

(left)   Mamie (1892-1991)  &  James  A Diamond Sr. formerly  DeMetris Diamondopaulos (1883- 1942) .

(right)  James A. Diamond, Jr  (1915-1987)



Skawie, Poland/Athens ,Greece                                                  Utica, N.Y.                     


Uncle George & Beatrice Bagiackas,  Mamie & James A. Diamond, Sr.


Mother's Family

(left)     Katherine (1885-1954) & John Koziol (1879-1965)

(right)    Helen M. Diamond (1915-present)





  Austria/ Poznan, Poland                                                            Old Forge, PA

Standing (center) Grandpa Koziol with brew in hand


Mom's single escapades

(left)  He didn't have a chance.."white shoes"

(right) Mary E., Mom, Pauline, Florence, Josephine.....5 sisters with mischief on their minds.





Dad's Military Service

Enlisted January 1936




Stationed  USS Arizona till         1940                                                    



Re-enlisted Dec. 8, 1941-1946


Settle down period

Married May 6, 1940


World War II

Re-enlisted December 8, 1941 having lost most all his friends on the Arizona


Left when 16 months old and returned 3 years later