Welcome Aboard


The Santos Family


In June 2002, we are excited to have Dr. Edmin  Michael Santos from Manila, the Philippines,  join our Vitreo-Retinal program.  He will be accompanied by his wife Maya (a Dermatologist) together with their children Kyla, four years old and Joey, two years old.   Dr. Santos will be awarded the First Alcon International Vitreo-Retinal Fellowship Award.  Alcon Surgical has been instrumental in helping us to train a highly regarded ophthalmologist who will return to Manila and his province to become only the second such specialist to care for the needs of over a million people.      WELCOME!




Dr. Paul Lee joins the VRS Service from Georgetown University Medical School,  Washington, D.C.  His wife Agnes is a practicing attorney. He is a connoisseur of   good food, fine wine, offers a wealth of  computer experience and has a low  handicap on the links. He also eats faster than  me. Join Paul and Ron Dandy at the Parkway Promenade 2002 at New Orleans  section.