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This page is dedicated to interesting events that have recently taken place. Please send  pictures of areas of interest to this website.


" Snapper Time "

Sunday April 21, 2002, marked the opening day of Red Snapper season in of the most magnificent in appearance and best tasting of sea food delights.  This saltwater fish prefers the 100 foot plus depths and clusters around reefs such as formed by oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. I will now take you on a peek-a-boo tour of Phil Rosenblatt and my exciting adventure with close friends T.G. Solomon, Phil Whitman and Captain "Bert" on their 53' Hatteras  Sport Fishing Yacht " Conspiracy".   



























An end to a wonderful day

Special thanks

to James Stone

our dear friend and founder of Stone Oil Company, for placing one of his Oil Rigs to provide a  fish friendly environment for use in years to come.








A Special Thanks

For over a decade I have had the wonderful opportunity to have been given a second academic home.  Delgado Community College has shown me the true spirit of selfless education. Community Colleges play a major role in educating the workforce for job related, practical skills which can be put to immediate use.  Chancellor Terry Kelly has not only become a close friend but has enabled me to become intricately involved with many aspects of his flagship community college in Louisiana.  Deans  Dr. Margaret Montgomery and Kathleen Mix have extended their hospitality to not only me but my fellow doctors at Tulane.


APRIL 13TH, 2002

Under the leadership of Kathleen, in conjunction with the untiring efforts of her devoted staff: Sharon Talbert, Tina Lumas, Myla  Beltran, Keisha Cordier, Curt Cowan, Rick Schwab, Mary Ballay , Bonnie Huddleston, Mary Bartholomew and others, the Community Outreach Department has just completed a unique brainchild of Kathleen in a overwhelming successful conference for area teenagers:                             

Girls On the GO... Moving in the Right Direction.

Over 250 participants with more than 40 women community leaders were hosted by Delgado in a conference consisting of: career presentations, cooking demonstrations, etiquette lessons, luncheon, fashion show, and exhibits.  Mark your calendarsfor next year which will even be bigger and better.........maybe the Superdome?













































And  thank  you Delgado








Kathleen N. Mix, Associate Dean in charge of  the Community Outreach Division of Delgado, orchestrated over 12 million dollars in Incumbent Worker Grants with her team over the past fiscal year.  One of her projects, impacting the entire  LA Maritime workforce,   was arranging for the acquisition of the only Full Bridge  Ship Simulator in this Region. The following is a brief capsule summary of   the days' events in which over 150 Maritime and Government Representatives attended.The program  was emceed by Associate  Dean Kathleen Mix , and included talks by Secretary of Labor Garey Forster, Chancellor Terry Kelly, and Dr. Margaret Montgomery.   A presentation on Workforce Initiatives was made by Kathleen Mix  and Rick Schwab (Project Manager) which emphasized use  state of  the art technology for economic development.




































Dbbl Click on Captain Dean Bruch for a sea yarn
























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